Dearest friends!
It’s not easy to write these words to you all.

After discussions and careful considerations, we have agreed to end our journey as a band.
This common decision is based solely on the fact that we just don’t have the energy that is essential to keep going anymore. We have come to a point where the fun and enjoyment that used to be a huge part of our creativity has vanished and without it we have come to an
inevitable halt.

Jono has in many ways been our family and our common musical playground, for a long
time. We are proud of what we have achieved – especially looking at the music we created
over the years. We are very thankful for the heartwarming support we’ve been given from you all. We are proud when looking back at the stunning reviews, the nice things written and said about us as a band and as musicians.
We are still good friends. We love performing live and hang out together. We still love great music.

We might do a last live performance in the near future, to say hi and goodbye and celebrate the past, but at this moment it is uncertain.

The road ends here. There is no telling what the future holds, but the Jono pathway has reached THE END.

Once again thank you for your love and support. It means the world to us.
Big hugs. See you out there!

/Johan, Stefan, Nicka, Johan, Janne & Leo


You can still reach us at our email: info[at]